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Vegan food delivery service Daily Harvest has released a brand-new line of gluten-free, vegan pasta recipes. With this new offering, Daily Harvest is reaching a wider audience of time-pressed but curious about plant-based options by going beyond its traditional menu items of smoothies, bowls, soups, and flatbreads. 

Three gluten-free options are available in the new collection: White Bean and Spinach Pesto, Tomato Basil and Portobello Bolognese, and Zucchini and Gigante Bean Primavera. These dishes are meant to be shared by families or groups as side dishes or as main courses for two.

Pasta is a traditional comfort dish

Since pasta is a food that people of all ages enjoy eating, it is a great way to introduce vegan dining options to more people. In a recent interview with ProVeg, Pastan co-owner Jérôme Ibanez stated, “Pasta itself remains something very important—who doesn’t like pasta? The demographic goes from two years old—we have toddlers coming in with parents who are very happy for them to have a pasta dish—to 99 years old or more. So the fact that it’s pasta is quite attractive. It’s comfort, it’s easy, it’s not novel; you know pretty much what you’re going to get.”

Noodles made from ancient grains and legumes are the main ingredient; each dish contains eight grams of protein, a good amount of dietary fiber, and at least five different types of vegetables. There are no added starches, dairy, refined oils, or fillers in any of the offerings.

In honor of the launch, Bandit Running will be offering samples of the new collection from November 4–5, at Shopify NY, to runners in the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon.

In addition, Daily Harvest and Olivia Cheng, the founder of Dauphinette, a New York fashion brand, have collaborated on a collection of pasta-inspired home goods and a hand-sewn pasta dress, both of which will be available on November 9.  

The Pasta by Daily Harvest collection is now available at DailyHarvest.com, with each dish priced at $9.79.