Ranchers Jennifer and Rodney Barrett raised chickens and cows on their Arkansas ranch for a long time before an acknowledgment struck them. Looked with clashing sentiments over the morals of their business, the couple abandoned the privately-owned company to begin their vocations as vegan mushroom ranchers.

Jennifer recounted to the couple’s story in a post on Free From Harm, a stage that advocates for the reasonable treatment of all animals. They got engaged in 1991 and assumed control over Jennifer’s family ranch in 1999.

In 2011, Rodney was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC) while Jennifer combat with joint pain, depression, and hypertension.

“I started working out and learning more about nutrition. I started to dig and question everything as my body responded to treating it better,”  Jennifer composed. In 2016, the couple adopted a three-week vegan diet program.

The plant-based diet put Rodney’s UC into remission five years sooner and the three-week program prompted new medical advantages.


“When that program was complete, I felt like a whole new person. My mind was so sharp and clear,” she composed. This time around, the eating routine started an adjustment in the couple’s conscience

“I’ve heard that the soul is covered by a thousand veils, and this revelation tore down many of them. I slowly started to realize that what we were doing was wrong,” Jennifer composed.

Jennifer included that she figured she could adapt to her feelings of blame at first. Be that as it may, by last December, she stated, “it got dark for me.”


“I started to see the chickens differently. I’d never really looked at them as individuals before, but my heart started to break when I would see their terror and suffering. Suddenly I saw them as birds, not products,”  she proceeded.

A couple of months passed and Jennifer and Rodney settled on the choice to quit cultivating chicken and cows.


With the assistance of the Rancher Advocacy Program, an emotionally supportive network propelled by the Texas-based Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, the couple had the capacity to start making the change toward mushroom cultivating. The chicken coops will currently be utilized as mushroom houses.

As indicated by the site, the program was intended to help farmers working in animal agribusiness move into new cultivating practices that are supportable and kinder to animals.

“We are still in the process of making these changes, but our hearts have been opened and we continue to evolve as we embrace our reverence for animals which was for so long repressed,” Jennifer closed her statement.


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