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Celltice™ Is The Beauty Industry’s First Zero-Chemical Active Skin Cosmetics Using Only Plants and Water


Using Only Plants and Water, the Plantrose® Process Delivers Celltice™, a New, Petro-Free Breakthrough in Clean Cosmetic Formulations

Plant-based creator Renmatix built up the fashion and beauty business’ absolute initial zero-synthetic, self-emulsifying produced using just water and plants that has many skin benefits.

Celltice, portrayed by Renmatix as another oil-free leap forward in clean beauty care products definitions, comprises of plant building blocks cellulose and lignin.

It has a gigantic assortment of advantages in beauty care products as it capacities both as a functioning and an excipient in skincare and makeup details.


Active Skin Cosmetics Using Only Plants and Water
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“Historically, scientists have failed to extract cellulose and lignin in the form in which Mother Nature created them,” Renmatix CEO Mike Hamilton said in a statement sent to Vegan World News.

“They have resorted to using harsh chemicals that materially altered their compositions and dramatically limited their functions.”

“Without the use of any harsh chemicals or solvents, Renmatix is able to release these building blocks of nature to create an entirely new material that delivers multiple functional benefits.”


Renmatix’s awarded winning Plantrose Process to make Celltice utilizes just water, warmth, and strain to delicately discharge cellulose and lignin material from economically developed and nongenetically changed red maple.

One of the advantages of the vegan beautifiers ingredient is delicately cultivating skin wellbeing as it conveys an increasingly matte and solid appearance after only one use.

Active Skin Cosmetics Using Only Plants and Water
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


It likewise has high oil absorptive limit that controls the development of sebum, with 45% decrease in sebum after just 30 minutes of utilization.

More skin benefits incorporate having the option to address dry and flaky appearance by quickening delicate skin turnover and peeling, with 66% decrease in dry skin following 30 minutes of utilization.

Beside skincare benefits, Celltice can ensure skin against environmental stress factors by working as a calming and antioxidant agent shield for the skin while experiencing natural weights.


“Celltice is not just a plant-based alternative to chemical emulsifiers and actives,” said Hamilton.

“This first-in-kind product from our Plantrose process also provides manufacturers with a cost-advantaged, high performing, multi-functional ingredient to help them deliver superior cosmetics to consumers.”

Celltice will make a big appearance at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers’ Day on May 7 and 8 in New York City.


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