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China Approves Animal-Free Cosmetics Testing Methods Following Pressure From Vegan Community


The Chinese government affirmed 2 new animal-cruelty free techniques to test makeup in the nation following long stretches of pressure from PETA

The 2 animal-cruelty free tests, direct peptide reaction assay for skin sensitization and the short time exposure assay for eye irritation, will not totally replace animal testing for now.

In any case, it will most likely “save endless animals the anguish of having substances trickled at them and scoured onto their skin.”


PETA recognized the “noteworthy” work of researchers and scientists at the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS) who trained Chinese scientists and educated officials regarding modern animal-free methods of testing.

“We have seen direct how the organization with NIFDC and our preparation program have assembled limit and capability in choices,” IIVS President Erin Slope said in an announcement.

“The opening of the alternatives laboratory at the Zhejiang Institute for Food and Drug Control (ZJIFDC) is an awesome case of how labs can extend to offer preparing and testing services in alternative test techniques.”

In 2012, PETA exposed formerly cruelty-free companies that secretly paid the Chinese government to test their products on animals and sell them in the country.

PETA promptly collaborated with IIVS so as to work with Chinese authorities to support the nation’s absolute very first non-animal test method, the 3T3 nonpartisan red take-up phototoxicity measure, which is utilized to test beauty care products for potential poisonous quality when presented to daylight.


In 2014, China began tolerating results from animal-free testing  techniques yet just for nonspecial use beauty care products made in the nation.

This year, China pushed toward completion beautifying agents animal testing by prohibiting post-advertise animal testing for finished imported or locally delivered beauty care products.


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