Chanel Becomes One Of The First Luxury Labels To BAN Crocodile And Lizard Skin From Its Collections


Daily Mail reports that Chanel has announced it will no longer use exotic animal pelts in its collections, making it one of the first major luxury labels to turn its back on crocodile and lizard skin.Chanel-Quilted-Leather-Multi-Chain-Around-Flap-Shoulder-Bag_57255_front_large_1

In a move hailed by animal rights groups, Chanel’s head of fashion Bruno Pavlovsky said the brand ‘would no longer use exotic skins in our future creations’, adding it was becoming more difficult to source high-quality pelts ethically.

The new policy will also see it ban fur from animals such as raccoon dog, mink and rabbit.channel crocodile bag

Handbags, coats and shoes made from snake, crocodile and stingray skin command premium prices, with vintage Chanel handbags made from pelts selling for upwards of £20,000 online.

Python skin bags were removed from Chanel’s official website on Tuesday, although second-hand bags are still on sale for tens of thousands of pounds on vintage sites.


Animal rights groups welcomed the move, with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) hailing Chanel as giving a lead to other luxury brands.

channel ban crocodile skin
Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

‘There’s nothing trendy about using stolen skins from tormented animals for clothing or accessories,’ it said.

‘It’s clear that the time is now for all companies, like Louis Vuitton, to follow Chanel’s lead and move to innovative materials that spare countless animals a miserable life and a violent, painful death,’ PETA added.

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