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California City Launches ‘Vegan Mondays’ to Fight Climate Change


Berkeley, a standout amongst America’s most dynamic urban areas, will never again serve any animal or animal-derived products on Mondays with an end goal to manage environmental change.

Beginning of yesterday, Earth Day, Berkeley will start Green Monday, which necessitates that all food served by the city at their offices, gatherings and occasions on Mondays is free of meat, Berkeleyside revealed.

Likewise, Green Monday, which has been alluded to as “Vegan Mondays” by nearby media, will require suppers served to be totally free of every single animal item, including dairy and eggs.


This comes because of a goal gone by the Berkeley City Council in September, which necessitates that just vegan food products be served, with an end goal to lessen sway on the earth.

“Many people who care deeply about climate change, preservation of natural resources, pollution have no idea of the devastating impacts of eating animals,” said Amy Halpern-Laff, Green Monday’s director of strategic partnerships and Berkeley resident.

“We can make a tremendous difference just by cutting our meat and dairy consumption one day a week.”

Berkeley City Council member Kate Harrison was one of three council members who introduced a resolution calling for meatless council meetings.

Following the most far-reaching examination of the effect of animal agribusiness on the earth, researchers inferred that the single greatest approach to diminish one’s biological impression is to evade meat and dairy.


The investigation found that while meat and dairy give just 18% of calories, it is in charge of 83% of farmland use.

Animal farming is additionally in charge of more ozone-depleting substance emanations than all autos, planes, trains, and ships being used today combined.

vegan monday berkeley

Green Monday is a global development concentrated on empowering the utilization of plant-based eating habits to assist nature and human wellbeing.


Berkeley’s September declaration of “Green Monday” made it the primary city in the nation to do as such, however at the time no date was set for when it would start.

The opponents call it to overextend, with many saying the legislature has no spot to choose what individuals can and can’t eat.

Notwithstanding, supporters have considered the goal a positive development to manage environmental change.


“We’re not asking people to take on a new identity as vegan,” said Halpern-Laff. Nor, for that matter, does the program have to take place on a Monday.”

“But Green Monday does ask people to think more critically about their consumption habits as a whole.”


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