There has been a major breakthrough in the battle to end the vile Live Animal Transport trade  to the Middle East.

Israel’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation has approved a bill to phase out the live transport of animals from Australia and Europe to Israel!


The bill is lead by MK Miki Zohar together with other MK’s from different parties of both the coalition and the opposition (A total of 28 MK’s out of 120!) .

The bill was drafted in collaboration with us (Anonymous for Animal Rights) together with Let the Animals Live organization. On Thursday we released a survey which found 86% of Israelis support the bill, 91% think that live transport is cruel and 90% believe the shipments are against the Israeli animal protection law. A petition by 228 Israeli lawyers and jurists that was introduced to the government states that the live transport of animals is against the Israeli law.

Here are some news reports:


The bill proposes that import of live animals destined for further fattening and slaughter will be gradually phased out. At the first stage live imports will be subjected to quotas, fixed by the Minister of Agriculture. The 2019 quota will not exceed 75% of the number of animals imported in 2017. In the following years the quotas will decrease by 25% annually. Within three years the live imports will be phased out completely.

The campaign against live transports to Israel is far from over, but this is a giant step forward, and we will continue to work to make this bill into a law, and to put a stop to all live transports.
reports Phillip Wollen  on his FB page the message from Reut Horn, Executive Director
Anonymous for Animal Rights


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