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Famous Brand Launches Vegan Ribs


Famous brand Oumph! is propelling vegan ribs in Sweden – with the UK and Ireland to pursue right away.

The ribs are one of a huge number of new vegan products including a burger which has its “bloody bleed”, utilizing beetroot squeeze, and mince. They are altogether propelling in Sweden from May 6, in ICA, Bergendahls and Axfood stores.

“The Oumph! Burger is a premium plant-based burger with a perfect bite, inspired by a juicy rare burger, with the big difference being that the Oumph! Burger is made with entirely plant-based ingredients, and the fine red color comes from beetroot,” the organization said in an announcement sent to Plant Based News.

Photo credit: Plant Based News

“Oumph! Mince is a plant-based mince which is ideal for making your own plant-based meatballs, burgers and making exemplary bolognese style sauces for pasta dishes. Or on the other hand why not make a delectable vegan chili that is ideal for tacos.

“And Sticky Smokehouse Oumph! are rib-like filets, shrouded in a lavishly seasoned sticky, smoky grill sauce. A victory for your BBQ party. Every one of the three new Oumph! Items will be propelled soon in both retail and foodservice all through the Nordic nations, just as in the UK and Ireland.”

Oumph! has been transforming the food market as of late, scooping various honors – incorporating first prize in three classifications at the lofty World Food Innovation Awards a month ago.


The World Food Innovation Awards, which is currently in its fifth year, is viewed as a standout amongst the most settled honor plots in the business. It got 380 passages from more than 33 nations this year.

brand launch vegan ribs
Photo credit: Oumph/Website

The vegan product grabbed awards for Best Plant-Based Product; Best Street Food Brand; and Best Foodservice/Catering Product segments, with the making a decision about board saying:

“Oumph! is an innovative, on-trend product with many versatile possibilities, satisfying the demand for vegan options. Food for Progress [which makes the product] offers a healthy alternative to animal protein in an attractive presentation, good for the planet and good for the people.


“Oumph! is sure to tempt the most meat-hardy of people. The brand is very on trend with the ‘dirty vegan’ movement, helping to bridge the gap between meat-free eating and classic comfort foods/great taste. It is a foodservice operator’s dream; a good quality, flavorsome vegan option to rival any meat options.”

“This is incredible news for our company and we are so proud of these awards,”  Anna-Kajsa Lidell, Co-owner and Head of Progress Strategy at Food for Progress, said at the time in an announcement sent to Plant Based News.


Not only does it highlight the fact that our vegan products have superior quality in terms of taste, texture and overall concept, but it is also amazing and encouraging to see that a plant-based product can win general categories that are open to all” she finishes her statement for the website.

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