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Fashion Brand Ecoalf Goes Feather Free


Ecoalf, the eco-friendly fashion brand that makes garments from reused materials, will quit utilizing feathers by 2020.

According to (PETA), the Spanish corporation has promised to quit utilizing feathers in the entirety of its production plans by one year from now.

“Today’s shoppers are rejecting cruelty to animals, and that includes ripping out birds’ feathers and leaving the animals bloody so that the feathers can be stuffed into coats,” said PETA Director Anne Brainard.

“‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ fashion statements like Ecoalf’s trendy coats are placing  empathy into the design, and kind-hearted buyers will see the difference”


According to PETA birds routinely have their plumes tore out, abandoning them bloody, in pain and with wounds that are then sewed closed with no painkillers or any other pain relief from discomfort.

Ecoalf makes apparel produced using reused materials, and one of the manners in which it does this is through its Upcycling the Oceans venture, where, with the help of fishermen, it expels debris and jetsam from the sea and transforms it into yarn, which is then used to deliver the final products.

As the organization plans to go feather free, it has collaborated with London-based brand Felder Felder to dispatch a PETA affirmed Capsule Collection of coats that means to be both eco-friendly and sleek.

vegan brand ecoalf

“As part of our commitment to becoming 100% feather free across all our ranges by 2020, this season we are reducing our feather consumption and increasing the use of vegan synthetic filling,” the company’s website states.

“Once again ECOALF shows its commitment to the people, to the animals and to the planet.”

Ecoalf joins a developing rundown of corporations choosing elective textures over those that originate from animals, as shopper interest for practical and cruelty-free items keeps on developing.

Design powerhouse Chanel declared a year ago that it will never again use fur or animal skins in its future fashion statements. Burberry, Coach, and Versace likewise joined the developing rundown of organizations that prohibited fur forever in 2018.


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