Billie Eilish Is The Face Of A New Vegan Chocolate Bar


You would now be able to get vegan chocolate merchandise motivated by celebrity artist Billie Eilish.

Called the Happier Than Ever Chocolate Bar – the dairy-free treat will begin delivering out the following month. 

The new vegan candy was reported by Support + Feed, a non-profit association that revolved around handling the environmental crisis and promoting plant-based and vegan food


Maggie Baird is the founder and president of the organization, as well as Eilish’s mother. 

“It is exciting to have such delicious vegan milk chocolate available at all. The fact that Billie has been able to partner with a chocolate maker she has loved since she discovered them, to bring it to her fans is really kind of thrilling!” Baird told Plant Based News.

The non-dairy chocolate is certified by Rainforest Alliance.

It’s made with 100% natural and organic fixings, including raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, bourbon vanilla extract, tiger nut powder, and chocolate liquor.  

It comes wrapped in a compostable nature-flex foil, which, as indicated by Eilish’s website, is produced using “sustainable raw materials.”

Billie Eilish and Veganism 

The animal-free recipe is adept, given Baird and Eilish are long-term vegans. 

Eilish took up a plant-based eating routine around seven years prior. She wrote on her blog at the time that “a great deal of reasons” propelled the change, including animal welfare concerns. “Leave animals alone,” she wrote. 

From that point forward, Eilish has utilized her foundation to bring issues to light with regard to the effect of utilizing animals for food and fashion.  

Billie Eilish recently persuaded fashion designer Oscar de la Renta to quit using fur, for return Eilish vowed to wear one of its outfits to the Met Gala. 

If you are intrigued you can pre-order the Happier Than Ever Chocolate Bar here.