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It’s now officially Veganuary. Normally, this is a time to “cut out” and “strip back,” but the brand that is all talking about now, FRIDA ROME, offers alternatively a chance to explore vegan designer bag alternatives, to reward yourself with something new, adventurous, and uncompromising for 2023.

In late 2020, FRIDA ROME debuted their ‘Bad Girls Who Do Good Things’ brand with their ‘WEEK/END’ crossbody. After each refill, this bright statement piece immediately became a fan favorite and sold out in record time. For their first shipment of 2023, which is scheduled to arrive at the end of January, pre-orders are now being accepted.

The WEEK/END by FRIDA ROME, with its cutting-edge leather-look design and secret sensual element, is quickly emerging as the must-have bag for all Vegans and future-focused customers.

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With several TV appearances and sell-out success in 2022, FRIDA ROME won Best Vegan Handbag at the PETA Fashion Awards at the end of the previous year, unseating Stella McCartney as the previous winner.

With several vegan and environmental certifications, the bags’ beauty and ethics speak for themselves.

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Image: Frida Rome

In order to create its bags, FRIDA ROME uses premium materials including organic, waste-reducing apple leather and USDA biobased certified cactus leather.


These guilt-free, plant-based vegan substitutes are difficult to tell apart from leathers made from animals.

The sexual novel chapters that are concealed inside each bag are another intriguing aspect of this brand; this feature plays on the saint and sinner within every one of us. The brand deftly captures a woman’s complexity: She embraces her rebellious, unapologetic side while still caring for the world and its earthlings.

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Image: Frida Rome

Some of the biggest personalities in business, entertainment, and the media have endorsed FRIDA ROME’s highly desirable WEEK/END purse. The brand and their lovely bags have received the endorsement of self-made millionaire and BBC’s Dragon’s Den investor Steven Bartlett, eco-conscious Hollywood celebrity Alicia Silverstone, and UK actress & Loose Women panelist Sunetra Sarker.

The highly coveted WEEK/END vegan handbag, which will ship at the end of the month and is available in both traditional black and tan with a vintage look, is now available for reservations, FRIDA ROME is thrilled to announce following their sell-out success.

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Image: Frida Rome

FRIDA ROME also has the WEEK/DAY in stock if you simply cannot wait for the WEEK/END.

The ideal back-to-work bag for the next year is this backpack convertible fitted tote, which is available for immediate shipping. The WEEK/END and its big sister, the generously oversized “satchel with fresh energy,” make up the ideal marriage of work and play.