Beehives In Texas Set On Fire, Killing Half A Million Bees


Many bee sanctuaries were assaulted and set ablaze in Texas throughout the end of the week in cruelty “incomprehensible” that murdered an expected a large portion of a half a million honey bees, authorities said.

The bee sanctuaries were found on Saturday morning dissipated over the honey bee yard, the Brazoria County Beekeepers Association (BCBA) composed on Facebook.

A few hives seemed powder-colored dark and one brood outline drifted in the water close-by with honey bees as yet caring about the eggs.


“It’s bad enough to think in today’s world this would happen but dumping them over and then setting fire to them is beyond comprehension,”  the BCBA said in the post.

Every settlement midpoints 30,000 honey bees, BCBA president Steven Brackman told the Houston Chronicle. He assessed somewhere around 20 hives were harmed and a large portion of a half a million honey bees consumed to death or suffocated.

Authorities are scanning for suspects in the assault. The area’s sheriff’s office revealed to Houston station KTRK-TV this would be a troublesome case to comprehend on the grounds that there were no eyewitnesses.

The suspects are required to deal with indictments of arson and felony criminal mischief, as indicated by the station.


The BCBA, which has in excess of 300 individuals, said it is putting forth a $1,000 compensation reward, over the $5,000 reward offered by Brazoria County Crime Stoppers, for data prompting the suspects’ capture.

The honey bees are at their most active amid this season when pollen begins coming in on the trees, which honey bees use to replicate, Brackman said. He said it might take no less than a year to supplant the lost honey bees and nectar.

“Every colony that we lose is a major catastrophe to the environment,” Brackman told the station.


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