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Animal Rescuers Launch Vegan Vodka to Benefit Animals


Vegan vodka brand Hera the Dog Vodka, established by animal activists and rescuers, propelled vegan vodka to support the animals and the planet as well.

Hera vodka is 100% organic non-GMO and natural wheat-based. It is refined multiple times at that point moderately filtered and separated through walnut husks carbon.

This vegan product is the perfect gift for your animal loving friends and family, as well as for anyone who loves a vodka made with great care, attention, and quality. Crafted in a family owned and operated distillery.

hera the dog vegan vodka
Photo: Hera The Dog/Instagram

$1 from each bottle sold is given to charitable associations in the areas where it was sold.

Over the long haul, the brand means to give half of its benefits to help our furry friends and companions, farm animals, and wildlife just as give free spay and neuter and urgent veterinary care.

Julia Pennington and Allison Lange, proprietors of Hera the Dog Vodka, have been animal activists for over 18 years through their charitable association A Dog’s Lifebut need to support the animals, particularly the individuals who are out of their scope.

“We have chosen to specialize in a new way to drink responsibly… a way that can provide customers with a chance to help others when they enjoy an alcoholic beverage,” said Pennington and Lange in an interview with Voyagela.

“This is not just a business for us. It is important to us to run a business that has a mission to help others at its core.”

“Such an important cause as saving animals can only be represented by the highest quality spirits, and Hera is that.”


Hera vodka is presently accessible just in California, yet the brand is anticipating extending to different states soon.


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