American Heart Association Director Vegan Diet

American Heart Association Director Says Vegan Diet Saved Her Life


The chief for correspondences and communication at the American Heart Association as of late acknowledged a vegan diet for sparing her life.

Teri Arnold, who has been vegan food lover for a long time, had a heart attack in 2014, which was brought about by a coronary artery spasm, an abrupt fixing of the muscles in the veins of the heart.

While conversing with nearby Norfolk news station WKTR, she said that for her situation, the heart attack was not preventable, yet her vegan diet, which does not stop up the supply routes of the arteries, kept things from being more awful.


Mrs. Arnold was only 43 at the time and followed the advice she regularly preached: eating healthy, vegan, exercising and maintaining a correct weight.

“Heart disease is 80% preventable, and what I have is not preventable, but what I did, like you said, is I set myself up to be able to live a heart healthy life, and I survived the heart attack,” said Arnold.

“And that’s what we’re telling people to do,” she added.

American Heart Association Director Vegan Diet

Amid her appearance, she likewise talked about research from the American Heart Association which found that individuals who eat a, for the most part, plant-based eating routine have a 42% diminished danger of creating heart malfunction on the off chance that they have not as of now been determined to have a coronary illness.


She had a heart attack while sleeping and is now participating in a research project for people having heart attacks while sleeping

“When you’re eating a plant-based diet, it helps to reduce cholesterol, it helps to reduce hypertension, and those are some of the major risk factors in heart attack and stroke,” Arnold stated.

“You have to keep those arteries clear, and when you’re taking in animal products from cholesterol, it clogs your arteries, and it hardens your arteries.”

“That causes blockages which creates a heart attack, which creates a stroke.”

She likewise offered some guidance for the individuals who may observe expending a vegan products diet to be excessively troublesome.


Arnold suggested substituting meat options which are generally accessible in US markets instead of meat, as she believes the meat alternative choices to be more beneficial and similarly as delicious.

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