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Amazon Tribe Wins Lawsuit Against Oil Company Saving Millions Of Acres Of Rainforest


A judge in the provincial capital Puyo ruled in favor of the tribe’s legal lawful test to the administration’s selloff, and a shudder of dread is going through their town of Nemompare, somewhere down in the dribbling rainforest.

“The government sees oil and money but the Waorani see it is full of life,” says community leader Nemonte Nenquimo.

The 4,000 or so Waorani dispersed over the immense Pastaza area in eastern Ecuador trust their territory is the bleeding edge in a fight for the eventual fate of the planet.


The 4,000 or so Waorani scattered across the vast Pastaza province in eastern Ecuador believe their land is the front line in a battle for the future of planet

A few networks have dismissed all contact with the outside world, yet the Waorani are adequately wordly to realize that the fight is being lost somewhere else.

“Humans are changing the planet because big companies, big factories are destroying it. It is the moment now for the peoples to join and protest, to live well. If we don’t protest, if we don’t carry out actions, it means we are destroying the planet,” said Nenquimo.

With the support of other Wao communities across the province, the Nemompare community went to court to try to block exploration licenses to prevent more destruction of the kind which contaminated their water and gouged out large areas of once-pristine rainforest

The little settlement of Nemompare is home to around 50 Waos.


Many flutters through the thick leaves along the shaded woods pathways in sparse customary attire as they assemble leaves for weaving or plants for food and nourishment. Others wear shorts and tee-shirts. The men use blow-weapons to chase little animals.

Debanca, another comunity chief, her face painted red underneath a feathered hat, gestured over the sloppy and brown Curaray river  on the settlement’s edge.

“Do you want oil companies to enter and kill the jungle, do away with clean territory, with clean water?” she asked AFP’s reporters through an interpreter.

The settlement is found 40 minutes by little plane from Shell, the neighborhood town that embraced the oil organization’s name since its first attack into the wilderness in the late 1930s.


With the help of other Wao people group over the territory, the Nemompare people group went to court to attempt to block exploration licenses to anticipate more obliteration, which debased their water and gouged out huge regions of once-flawless rainforest.

In Nemompare, the Wao store water in immense tanks for their utilization, supply themselves with vitality with sun powered panels and rest in loungers.

Despite the fact that they figured out how to compose with the “Kowori” or outsiders—mainly missionaries——they don’t utilize paper. Rather, they keep alive their remarkable language, wao terere.


Sitting close to an open flame in the focal point of a cottage, Wina Omaca, a grandma perceived as a savvy senior or “Pekenani,” summed up the temperament of resistance.

“It’s not just the ‘tapaa’ (spear), but the ‘campa’ and ‘aweka’ (machete and hatchet) are ready too,” she said.


Ecuador’s constitution recognizes the Waorani rights to 800,000 hectares of jungle; crucially, the wealth in the subsoil belongs to the state

No one discusses armed obstruction here, not to mention a war, yet the message seems, by all accounts, to be that the Waorani could transform their home into an unfriendly area for oil organization engineers.

“Let it be clear. We will defend our jungle, our culture and our rights, with our lives,” said Nenquimo.


Ecuador’s constitution recognizes the Waorani rights to 800,000 hectares of jungle.

Urgently, the wealth in the subsoil has a place with the state. The legitimate test to protect 180,000 hectares speaks to under 1 percent of Ecuador’s territory.

The state achieved a concurrence with the Waorani amid a discussion procedure over oil investigation in 2012, however the clan’s chiefs state they were tricked and decline to perceive the agreement.


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