The Plant Pacer, a first-ever 100% vegan sneaker from the clothing company Allbirds, has been released.

For new vegan sneakers, the company uses sustainable, plastic- and petroleum-free plant leather, whereas Allbirds is often recognized for its natural range of shoes that use sheep’s wool.

Allbirds uses unique ecological materials including rubber, plant oils, repurposed rice hulls, and even citrus peels to provide the same renowned comfort for which Allbirds is known.

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The shoe produces 88% less carbon than traditional animal leather and 75% less than typical synthetic leather thanks to its eco-friendly materials.

The Plant Pacer, which costs around $135, also has a thin TENCELTM ™ Lyocell mix liner made of eucalyptus.

The Plant Pacer is available in a canvas version from Allbirds made of organic cotton and available in a wider selection of colors.


Allbirds stated last year that the company was getting ready for its Wall Street IPO, with a $2 billion valuation. Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama, and Ashton Kutcher are among the brand’s supporters.

As businesses use more novel, low-carbon footprint materials and substitute leathers, the vegan shoe market is expected to keep expanding.


Top international shoe brands, including Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, have recently introduced sneakers made from a range of materials, including cork, mushroom leather, synthetic leather, plastic derived from corn, and recycled fibers.

In order to produce more avant-garde, environmentally responsible footwear, other companies including Stella McCartney, BLUEVIEW, LCI, and Caval are using even more daring materials such as recycled ocean plastic and apple skins.