In honor of Veganuary, the well-known discount grocery chain ALDI has announced the debut of My Vay, a new vegan private label brand, in Germany.

With the launch of the new brand, ALDI can offer its customers a wider variety of reasonably priced options and a more simplified shopping experience by adding vegan products to its plant-based assortment. All of the My Vay product line is vegan and easily identifiable to customers thanks to the V-Label.

More than 850 vegan products are available at ALDI Nord, including vegan steaks, smoked salmon, soy yogurt, Shepherd’s Pie, and My Vay Organic Spread Cream, among many other items.

With over 950 vegan options, ALDI SÜD offers a wide range of everyday products like falafel, oat drink, vegetable balls, soy yogurt, My Vay Crème à la Cuisine, and My Vay Cocolicious. This retailer also sells My Vay The Wonder Hack, also known as Cevapcici, and My Vay The Wonder Chunks. This year will see the release of many more products.


Budget-friendly plant-based diets

One of the supermarkets in Europe that promotes plants the most is ALDI. To reach 1,000 products—ranging from cosmetics to meat substitutes—by the end of 2024, the company has been concentrating on growing its vegan and plant-based selection in recent years.

ALDI’s dedication to broadening its selection of plant-based products indicates an increasing need for vegan substitutes. For instance, in honor of Veganuary, ALDI recently increased the selection of plant-based foods it offers in the UK. The retailer anticipates a 40% increase in sales of vegan products during the month-long event.

But ALDI’s dedication to plant-based foods also appeals to a wider range of environmentally and health-conscious shoppers. According to Germany’s 2023 Nutrition report, only 20% of Germans eat meat every day, and a Mintel consumer survey indicated that 43% of German consumers cut back on their meat intake in 2022.

In keeping with the launch of new My Vay products, ALDI is taking part in Veganuary for the fifth year in a row to inspire people to adopt a plant-based diet and give them the incentive to learn more about the vegan lifestyle. With its reasonable prices and emphasis on environmentally friendly and mindful eating, My Vay’s debut is in line with ALDI’s objective to offer premium goods at the lowest possible cost.

“Whether for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, or customers who want to try a plant-based diet: ALDI presents the private label with many products from various categories just in time for Veganuary,” says ALDI.