The most serious issue various vegan enthusiast parents go over nowadays is standardization of animal cruelty and misuse in films, books, and even kid’s shows.

At the point when your kid grows up benefiting from such TV shows and books that portray grilling a pig as some ordinary end of the week action, it turns into somewhat hard to influence them to understand what’s mainstream need not be great.

Children are receptive and merciful, making them read books that have a message of living cruelty-free can enable them to comprehend the contrast between moral and prevalent practices.


Here’s a rundown of books to peruse to your children.

V Is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind

With a rating of 4.15 out of 5 stars on Good Reads, this book is a prologue to the ABCs of a cruelty-free empathetic way of life. Craftsman and creator, Ruby Roth, utilizes her trademark silliness to make kids familiar with the nuts and bolts of animal rights basics.

There are delightful rhymes that will stay with you for some time, joined by eye-catching charming designs, the book is an incredible read for your vegetarian or vegan kid.

A Promise To Blitz

With a rating of 4.33 out of 5 stars on Good Reads, this book by Tumeria Langlois and artist Jeanelle Tabaranza is in a truly justifiable simple to-peruse position for children.


This book can enable you to convey the data in a child amicable manner. The book is roused by the author’s beneficial experience of finding the shocking truth about animal cruelty at livestock farms in a mission to locate the closest companion among the cows on her cousin’s ranch.

With a rating of 4.77 out of 5 stars on Good Reads, this book by writer Leslie Crawford and artist Sonja Stangl is a capturing story of Sprig-the pig who is stuck up with many different pigs in a quick moving truck.

In a sensational unforeseen development, Sprig ends up exchanging the manufacturing plant ranch life for a real existence brimming with expectation and opportunity. The book is getting a handle on, light and amusing to peruse, giving a touch of help from the horrid subtleties of a genuine pig’s life which generally doesn’t have a joyfully ever after.


Thinking that it’s hard to disclose to your child why we shouldn’t eat animals? This book makes it simple for your child to comprehend the fundamentals of veganism and vegetarianism.

With a rating of 4.25 out of 5 stars on Good Reads, this book by Ruby Roth utilizes convincing representations and capturing cast of pigs, hens, dolphins, turtles, cows and turkeys to effectively express the idea. It additionally has a message of the negative natural effects of eating meat.

Esther is a web sensation and which is all well and good. This is a genuine heart contacting story of Esther the pig embraced by Steve and Derek. The NYT top of the line diary has been made accessible in a child well-disposed picture book by writers Steve Jenkins, Derek Walters, Caprice Crane, and artist Cori Doerrfeld.


With a rating of 4.21 out of 5 stars on Good Reads, this book shares Esther’s story that opened a great many hearts around the world.

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