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In the past few years, the word Vegan gets a new connotation.

Vegan times are already visible on the horizon.

But it is a big misinterpretation that to live a healthy vegan lifestyle we must give up all pleasures and lovely things in life.

With adding some little effort and sticking to simple guidelines you, can live a much healthier life. It is within your reach! All you have to do is decide deep down whether you wish to be, healthy or not healthy.


The choice is yours and the time is now. Go Vegan!

We all have that one friend who has been able to convince you that to become Vegan it’s a huge and mission-impossible task. But the facts say that living and breathing as a Vegan is not difficult at all.

Rule Number 1

Get Active

Few things make a person uneasy, one is get up at six in the morning and the next is the word exercise. At the word exercise, you must get to the level where you get excited just thinking at the thought that you will get up in the morning, lace those running shoes and hit the door. Do not consider ‘working out ‘to be work or a duty. Movement is making your heart rate go from normal to above.

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Think about that like a machine, if you ride the heart machine at some leveled speed it is good for the body and mind. Being still is the new smoking. Sitting is the new smoking according to British Journal Of General Practise research.

After many days and many steps you will begin to feel stronger and better.You cannot solve the world’s problems but you are on golden path to a solution for just one person and that person is you.

Rule Number 2


Veganize The Food

Try to go slowly first, easy pace like you ran those long runs on Sunday. Veganism is a marathon journey. Do not make radical decisions overnight because very soon you are going to fall back to the old habits. Try to make a pledge with yourself that you will stick to the following routine. One vegan meal a day for one month it excellent plan for start of your healthier lifestyle. The markets are full of vegan products now days, please choose wisely.


According to the experience of those who became vegans, because you consume fruit instead of carbohydrates, you will lose the need for sugar. Plus the energy level during the day is more stable and you do not have a hunger strike. Also, the need for bread is reduced, and the desire for a healthy and refreshing salad increases. The inflow of energy increases up to 2 times, and therefore it makes you feel more in need of walking, sports and nature.

Rule Number 3


Stay informed

Continue learning the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and educate yourself why is good to be Vegan not only for you but also for our planet. Dig deep and find your own reasons for being vegan. Learn how to nourish your body on a vegan diet.


Start reading the ingredients list on the products you are buying. Learn how to tell the difference if a product is vegan or not.

Raise your guard and be on the watch for vegan products at your local grocery store, research vegan friendly restaurants and grocery stores online.

Connect with friends who are supportive, take the chance and enjoy your new healthier and happier life. We must proactively play the part in our society, shaping vegan diet habits to make it easier to eat vegan food for our next generations.