Donald Watson, a British woodworker who abstained from all animal products, decided in November 1944 to distinguish himself and other like-minded individuals from vegetarians who consume cheese, milk, and eggs. So that is how he first came up with the term “vegan.” It is crucial to remember, though, that plant-based diets have been practiced for centuries in several nations. Watson did not create them.

Veganism has gained enormous popularity since then. Additionally, more vegan restaurants and brands have entered the market than ever before in recent years, primarily in response to growing consumer demand. The market for plant-based foods was estimated to be worth more than $23 billion in 2020, over 75 years after Watson coined the term “vegan.”


The market for vegan beverages increased to over $24 billion in 2021, while the market for vegan cosmetics was estimated to be worth over $16 billion in the same year.

Even with all of this growth—which is a result of growing public awareness of the moral, ethical, and environmental advantages of reducing or giving up animal products—it can occasionally be challenging to locate and establish connections with vegan businesses and restaurants, especially if you are new to the area. But do not worry, there are tons of online resources and apps available to support you on your vegan journey if you are looking for a vegan business to purchase from. The best are listed here.


Vegan Apps To Try

Check out these tech products and vegan apps that aim to simplify vegan living. 


Happy Cow

Happy Cow has you covered whether you are traveling, have recently moved, or are simply curious about the vegan eateries in your area. The website, which was created in the late 1990s and has an app of its own, is devoted to assisting users in locating the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in their area. It is simple to use: To find local options, just enter your city, region, or postal code into the search bar. The results will be categorized into three groups: vegan, vegetarian, and veggie options. Check It Out.



Consider this online resource as your go-to resource for anything and everything vegan. Are you trying to find a new vegan restaurant in your area? Or maybe you are looking for a physician who adheres to the same vegan principles. Whatever it is, the Vkind website and app list a variety of businesses, restaurants, and expert services that share similar values. In addition, the app provides you with access to Vkind’s streaming library and essential news, allowing you to consume vegan-friendly media while looking for the best vegan restaurants in your area. Check It Out.




When the Abillion app was first launched in 2017, its goal was to match customers with sustainable and plant-based companies. It currently has about 2.5 million reviews for over 500,000 vegan products, ranging from vegan food to cruelty-free cosmetics and personal hygiene products. The concept is that by leaving a review, you earn credits in addition to assisting in increasing consumer awareness of vegan businesses. After that, these credits are donated to a worthwhile cause or nonprofit, such as Mercy For Animals, a farm animal charity, or Sea Shepherd, an organization dedicated to ocean conservation. But Abillion is not just a review site, it’s also an online marketplace that anyone can use to sell and buy sustainable products. Check It Out.


Vegan Friendly

The Israeli nonprofit organization Vegan Friendly released a new app last year that is intended to assist users in locating the top vegan restaurants nearby. It provides a list of the nearest restaurants to you along with a category breakdown, much like Happy Cow. These include certified vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and 100% vegan. Users can also take advantage of regular benefits, such as discounts at neighboring restaurants. Check It Out.


Vanilla Bean

Another app that assists users in finding nearby vegan eateries and cafés is called Vanilla Bean. It is hosted by Future Cooperative, a platform that seeks to “sustainably transform the global economy.” Right now, it lists 35,000 vegan eateries, but soon, it will merge with Future Cooperative’s Future Maps. The latter assists consumers in locating various sustainable enterprises, such as organic supermarkets and sustainable clothing boutiques. CHECK IT OUT




Unfortunately, not all alcoholic drinks are vegan, and this is mostly because of filtering procedures and the occasional addition of additional ingredients like honey or milk. Isinglass, or dried fish swim bladder, is sometimes used to clarify wines, for example. If that is all it takes to make you avoid happy hour altogether, do not worry—BevVeg’s app will help you do just that by displaying vegan alcohol brands. There are currently over a million beverages in its database. Check It Out.



You can also use the Barnivore website to find vegan beverages if you do not want to download yet another app. With over 58,000 entries, the online vegan alcohol directory makes it easy to determine which drinks are vegan and which are made with animal ingredients. It features four distinct categories: wine, liquor, cider, and beer. Each category can be filtered to display only vegan or animal-free options.


Bunny Free 

Regretfully, millions of animals are tested in different industries worldwide nowadays. However, by using Bunny Free, an app developed by the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, you can steer clear of goods connected to this cruelty. Users can discover new cruelty-free brands on the app and determine whether the brands they already adore are cruelty-free. Products for cosmetics, dental hygiene, hair care, laundry care, and other categories are listed on the app. CHECK IT OUT




Ralphy assists customers in locating cruelty-free products, much like Bunny Free. If you want to learn more about a brand before making a purchase, you can either type it into the search bar or, if you are in the store, scan the product’s barcode. The app will also indicate whether a brand is vegan or not when you click on it. Check It Out.


Too Good To Go 

Food waste is a serious issue. Actually, about one-third of the food produced worldwide is wasted. An app and website called Too Good to Go seeks to address this issue by connecting customers with companies that have extra food. The concept involves companies uploading food items they would otherwise discard, which customers can then pick up at a reduced cost. Although the app is not vegan only, you can always search for local plant-based companies that are participating. Check It Out.