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New York City

The Big Apple is a standout amongst the most friendly urban vegan communities on the planet. In addition to the fact that it is packed with vegan and plant-based eateries, yet a significant number of its non-vegan cafes menus are additionally plating up plant-based choices. In case you’re self-providing food, numerous grocery stores – like Lifethyme, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s-all through the city have racks overflowing with vegan products

In case you’re staying in the “City That Never Sleeps,” make certain to look at one of these restaurants serving vegan food

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Be sure to check out one of these five vegan-friendly restaurants:

1. By Chloe – a vegan fast-casual restaurant with six locations in West Village, Flatiron, Soho, Rock Center, Williamsburg, and Seaport District.
2. Seasoned Vegan – a soul food restaurant based in Harlem.
3. Champs Diner – classic diner food with a vegan twist, based in Brooklyn’s Bushwick Neighbourhood.



Bristol has a vegan scene to equal any capital city around the globe. Situated in the southwest of the UK, the oceanic city has arrived in the best 10 of numerous arrangements of the world’s best vegan cordial travels. Most as of late, Chef’s Pencil named it as the main destination for plant-based sustenance on the planet, pushing out significant European capitals like Berlin and London.


The famous goal is even home to veggie lover candy machines. Prior this year, Vegan Vendlaunched Violet and Daisy — two absolutely plant-based candy machines — in the Galleries strip mall and studio complex the Island

Here are three top picks:

1. Suncraft – healthy vegan cafe on Gloucester Road.
2. Oowee – a vegan junk food diner on Baldwin Street.
3. Vx – vegan fast food cafe on East Street.



Close by Bristol, London is one of the UK’s most famous vegan city. In the capital, you can discover vegan products at incalculable eateries, free supermarkets, grocery store chains, markets, and pop-ups. In case you’re a party fan, head into Vegan Nights. Brick Lane’s month to month celebration night celebrates everything plant-based, with live music, DJs, and parcels and bunches of liberal, inventive, delicious tasty vegan food

Here are five top vegan restaurant picks:


1. Temple of Seitan – a vegan fried chicken fast food-style restaurant with locations in Camden and Hackney.
2. Vantra Longevity –  lounge bar serving steamed and raw vegan food on Wardour Street.
3. Itadaki Zen – vegan sushi restaurant at King’s Cross.


Germany’s capital city has such a great amount to offer; from workmanship to history to culture, it doesn’t frustrate and neither does its vegan food products scene. In case you’re searching for vegan fast food vegan burgers, vegan sausages, smoothies, doughnuts, or vegan snacks, this city has you secured.

On the off chance that you want to cook vegan products for yourself, Berlin is additionally overflowing with natural markets where you can purchase entire vegan products palette.


Ttry one of these top three restaurants:

1. Bamerang – a rock and metal bar serving vegan cakes and snacks.
2. Kopps – one of the best vegan fine-dining restaurants in the world.
3. Viasko – a vegan restaurant known for its freshly baked cakes.


Los Angeles is seemingly one of the least demanding spots on the planet to be a vegan enthusiast. Among plenty of plant-based eateries, bistros, markets, and free supermarkets, the southern city even has its own vegan milkman, a Jewish shop that makes pastrami out of mushrooms, and an In-n-Out style vegan and vegetarian burger joint. Consistently every year plays host to Eat Drink Vegan, which is fundamentally a plant-based foodie form of Coachella.


vegan food

Here are top three restaurant picks:

1. Little Pine – a vegan restaurant owned by animal activist and musician Moby.
2. Crossroads Kitchen – an upmarket vegan eatery offering wine, cocktails, and fine food.
3. Cruzer Pizza & Pasta – a pizza restaurant serving a variety of creative recipes with vegan meats and 



There isn’t much not to adore about Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The medieval city is the biggest in the nation and as you may as of now know, is saturated with entrancing history and engineering. In case you’re visiting the capital and need to rest your tired feet after such touring.

Attempt one of these 3 eateries:


1. Prasad – a veggie restaurant offering a daytime buffet packed with plant-based treats.
2. Bubu’s Pub & Kitchen – stop by this vegan pub for a plant-based snack and an indulgent locally brewed beer.
3. Country Life Restaurant – a vegan restaurant serving a buffet and a selection of burgers, salads, and juices.


Tel Aviv in Israel has for some time been at the front line of the vegan movement development. In March 2018, the city held its fifth yearly “Vegan Congress,” which has multiplied in size since the primary occasion was held in 2014. “We will continue to carry the banner of veganism in Israel and lead the field with great pride,” said Omri Paz of Vegan-Friendly, which sponsored the even of Vegan-Friendly, which supported the occasion.


As is normal from a city regularly named the “vegan capital of the world,” Tel Aviv is additionally home to various vegan and vegetarian eateries.

Here are our three top picks:

1. Dosa Bar – an Indian restaurant that serves a variety of vegan street food.
2. Anastasia – one of the city’s first vegan restaurants. It serves healthy raw and gluten-free food, as well as sandwiches and vegan cheese platters.
3. Goodness – a vegan diner serving schnitzel and tofu among other comfort food options.



Melbourne, the Australian capital of Victoria, is a standout amongst the most visited goals in the nation because of its area on the coast. It’s pressed with activities, including exhibition halls and nightlife, and is home to some wonderful shorelines. When you feel burnt out on the sand, Melbourne is additionally a vegan tourists and explorers heaven, with a lot of decision to please even the fussiest of customers.

Here are our three top restaurant choices:

1. Lord of the Fries – the meat-free fast food joint is one of Australia’s most popular vegan destinations, and there are six located in Melbourne.
2. Smoothme Superfood Bar – a vegan bar that serves açaí bowls and smoothies as well as cheesecake and savory bagels.
3. Crossways – a vegetarian restaurant that serves an all-vegan buffet for lunch.



Portland in Oregon truly is the spot to be in case you’re after bunches of vegan products nourishment decision. The city is stuffed with vegan choices and is regularly recognized as a standout amongst the most vegan-friendly destinations in the U.S. The city is so remorselessness free, it’s even home to an all-vegan strip club. On the off chance that it’s simply nourishment, you’re after.

Here are our top 3 vegan dining picks:

1. Homegrown Smoker – a cafe offering vegan versions of BBQ and Soul dishes.
2. Virtuous Pie – a restaurant offering vegan pizza and dairy-free ice cream.
3. Aviv – an Israeli vegan restaurant serving a variety of dishes, including falafel bowls.



The capital of Hungary is very well known among vegan nomads and travelers, on account of its shoddy bars, rich history, and pretty design. It’s likewise top spot area for vegan food, with a lot of assortment on offer.

See beneath for our best 3Budapest vegan restaurant picks:

1. Madal Food – a vegan pasta bar with creamy fresh pasta options.
2. Slow Foodiez – vegan restaurant serving Hungarian dishes among options like Spanish omelette and sushi.
3. Vegazzi – a vegan Neopolitan pizza parlour.


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